Monday, November 28, 2011

"Listen to many, speak to a few."

So here I sit.
In the body of a teenager, dying to get out.
Wanting to grow up & prove myself to the world.
Seeing the world, through the eyes of a Shakespearian God.
Hidden beneath the insecurities of my heart.
How art thou?

When someone asks me that, my thoughts all race to the surface of my mind, forcing tears upon my eyes.
I acquire a difficult life, that has broken my heart.
But, the love from others helps mend the pieces together.


Anonymous said...

Bamboo. Like so: Rubi

I remember that. in High School... wanting to wake up and be thirty - done with it - and it kinda happened that way, seeings as how I didn't do nothing until after thirty. ;P

TrueBeautyLiesInside said...

Once I graduate, I am determined to make a difference in something. Anything.

This world is so corrupted, right now.
Someone has to try to improve it.
Why not me?

MOchocoholic said...

Ur are beautiful, inside and u

TrueBeautyLiesInside♥ said...

o^-^o ♥ Thank you.